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If you hear my phone goes "dung dung", it's not that I have a new message or other notifications.
It's just I LOVE PASTA calling.
And believe me when I told you that I will definitely run to my phone right away. Really right away. Because what? It's I LOVE PASTA.
My mom always shout, "Why the hell you run faster to your phone than to me when I call you for help?!" Please mom, I've told you in million times, because it's I LOVE PASTA.


coming like a falling star ☆

Seriously this is not about my awfully beautiful life. It's just about my twisted interest, or you can say my super hyper terrible writing exercise.

You know, I don't really have talent in expand the word, beauty it, make such normal characters or even a great plot, but well you have to accept that I'm here to show you that.


Not funny.

Half in asdf english but for some reason I want to use my mother language for every post

Don't blame me

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