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Because today is the day of VALSHE 1st Full album release, I'll spam some pict and my opinion about her new album!!

The cover for the press limited edition is is cool! Valshe!! I want to hug you!
Hakusheki is awesome at drawing 8DD

I called this, OTL skull! Lol! BUt this is amazing!

You're my boss

This is a mouse pad that came with limited edition on toranoana<3
Oh my, I'll use this forever!!

Since I don't understand Japanese, I have no idea about this. But seems funny~

This is track 10 (Vulgar Gem) booklet. AWWWWWWW.... The art so nice!! Credit belong to someone on weibo <3

Ah yeah, my opinion about Valshe's new album is awesome as always. With the collaboration of music, vocal, and illustration make PLAY THE JOKER is the best. Surprising that the one who compose clematis is Valshe. I really love that song~!!

Better you buy it! It's too valuable to pass.

coming like a falling star ☆

Seriously this is not about my awfully beautiful life. It's just about my twisted interest, or you can say my super hyper terrible writing exercise.

You know, I don't really have talent in expand the word, beauty it, make such normal characters or even a great plot, but well you have to accept that I'm here to show you that.


Not funny.

Half in asdf english but for some reason I want to use my mother language for every post

Don't blame me

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