Feb. 10th, 2014 03:47 am
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Everybody must know that I love Rib's voice more than that Korean singers or 1D or cough Indonesian singers cough maybe you can say singers in general. I love all Vocaloid but my main heroine is Rin. I love all vocaloP but my main are MikitoP, Neru, and Jin (their songs are fucking awesome). I love all utaite but my main is Rib.

I'm sorry valshe, nero, ryo-kun, mi-chan...

At first I didn't even know that there is an utaite called Rib untill my friend at Bogor, Fia asked me to buy Rib's first album under Exit Tunes, Rib On. I know Fia have a great taste about music, singer, pict, etc. Curious, I watched the crossfade on NND. The opening song is Envy Catwalk. Tohma did a great job at making the song and I love how Miku sang it but then Rib sings it like that song is created for him only and he did a VERY AMAZING JOB at singing Envy Catwalk. I screamed and call my sis, go all "Sis, try to listen this freaking awesome singer now!"

After that I buy the album too. Too bad I didn't get the poster even though I ordered it on japan store.

Rib collaboration with MikitoP in Sarishinohara get an amazing respond. The song tells about a member of AKB48 that have a secret love but it's in boy respresentative. Don't forget about NishizawasanP's song for Rib too <3

Then Rib upload Upside Inside-nou oops I mean Seisou Bakuretsu Boy (Rerulili) and Donut-Hole (Hachi)

He released a seconde album called Riboot. MikitoP, Neru, NishizawasanP, 40mP, and halyosy made songs for him. You don't understand my feeling at that moment. FEELS.

I always listening to his albums everytime I have time. Sometime I dance and singing along with whatever-i-forgot-what-the-next lyrics.

coming like a falling star ☆

Seriously this is not about my awfully beautiful life. It's just about my twisted interest, or you can say my super hyper terrible writing exercise.

You know, I don't really have talent in expand the word, beauty it, make such normal characters or even a great plot, but well you have to accept that I'm here to show you that.


Not funny.

Half in asdf english but for some reason I want to use my mother language for every post

Don't blame me

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