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I do know the MONI-FACE name, but I don't have these album. I searching it on Chinase site but nothing that I get. Hm, I dunno why. And now, I seems get it! I realized that the singer is zebra! Wow, amazing! His english pronouncing isn't bad and his voice is seductive.


Discography (with zebra)
First single - Trash Section / 惑星レディオジャック
Second single - ムーンライトダンスフロア
First album - Interception (C80)
Third single - FRIDAY SPIDER (C81)

I just have his first album and the third single. Not bad. And yeah, the third single is suprise me! FRIDAY SPIDER is damn cool, fucking awesome, and drive me crazy!!
The music is HNNNNNG and the lyrics is spicy! Oh my, I love this so much! Zebra voice is the best!!

You guys, better listen to these right now! DAMN GOOD!

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Seriously this is not about my awfully beautiful life. It's just about my twisted interest, or you can say my super hyper terrible writing exercise.

You know, I don't really have talent in expand the word, beauty it, make such normal characters or even a great plot, but well you have to accept that I'm here to show you that.


Not funny.

Half in asdf english but for some reason I want to use my mother language for every post

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